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Most chapters, however, depart from a stamp itself to summon up its era or a dramatic event. For example, the Irish famine pairs with a depiction of a Penny Red postmarked there. Doughty Victoria’s profile alters and her inked color changes over long decades, but given the similarity of the designs for much of the period charted, there is not as much to discuss about these stolid stamps themselves. When topics emerge, as with later commemoratives, West remains chary about what he explores.

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Dramatic weather event in Austin, TX closes all schools.

"... Faguet speaking of the dazzling premiere at the Porte-Saint-Martin as the greatest dramatic event in France within the last fifty years. ..."

dramatic event - an episode that is turbulent or highly emotional

"... that results in the typical tragi-comedy which neglects psychological V study and moral teaching for the interest aroused by the dramatic event. ..."

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Ash & Bishop are two wired and wonderful gangsters working for their Psycho king pin boss Tyrell. After Tyrell's family receives serious threats to his family from an unknown enemy he asks and Ash and Bishop to protect his mistress. Dramatic Events start to unfold around the mistress and the Wolf Man

Smoke over Manhattan: By far the most dramatic event of the decade was the al-Qaida attacks on the US on Sept. 11, 2001.

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The Resurrection is the most dramatic event of human history. Easter Sunday is the counterbalance of Good Friday. Every Good Friday experience in our lives will have an Easter Sunday outcome too if we but believe in the Lord’s power to do it.

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