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Google is your friend. Use it. Duesenbergs were huge, luxurious cars not made after 1936. Plymouths were cheapiemobiles sold to Aunt Mildred and Uncle Cyrus to get them from the farm to the church on Sunday. Mr. Shelley's Australian, it's true, but a quick check would've told him what was what. Why, even a car-phobic friend to whom I bleated disgruntledly said "you're kidding" when I mentioned this!

No retort was forthcoming from the two disgruntled engineers.

disgruntled, the woman began pounding on the hotel-room door to demand the full fee.

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He explained: “Changing the style of leadership and approach from that of my predecessor Lawrence Mulindwa – who had run eight successful years – has not been received well by some people because they feel they lost some advantages. But they continue to serve in different capacities disgruntledly.”

Definition of DISGRUNTLEDLY: in a disgruntled manner

This morning, I was riding my bike past a field of grazing cows. One of them must have gotten spooked by the bike, because suddenly as a group they began lumbering disgruntledly away from me, further up the meadow. It was a halfhearted stampede: they seemed more annoyed than scared.

The Paul campaign says Dondero is disgruntled because he was fired in 2003.
When Sora first steps into the world of Olympus Coliseum, he is immediately enthralled about joining the games and becoming a hero. Phil, however, thinks differently when he noticed that Sora cannot even push a boulder from one side of the Lobby to the other. So instead of allowing Sora to enter the games he allows him to enter training. When Sora passes the training Phil still refuses to let Sora and company enter the games, saying they aren't ready. Sora then disgruntledly leaves.As far as I can tell, actually fixing the partition table would require more direct access than diskpart provides, something akin to a hex or binary editor for the partition table, if such a thing were to exist. *shrug* I fortunately discovered this early on and could (disgruntledly) afford the time for a reinstall.
While digging a bait trap with the and , discovers a cat's eye quartz that the Skipper believes is the taken from the statue of the native god . He explains that anyone who finds it is granted three wishes, a notion that the Professor scoffs at, but Gilligan tests it by wishing for ice cream. As the Professor and Skipper debate the legend, a tub of ice cream washes up into the that turns out to be chocolate. Uncertain what to wish for next, Gilligan wanders island unsure what to wish for next, but the notion of the three wishes intrigues into trying to get him to share with her. is also taken with the idea and tricks Gilligan into losing it, but when it doesn't work for him, he seeks out Gilligan and throws it back at him upset. When the Skipper says the stone will only work for Gilligan, Gilligan casually wishes for ice cream again. At that moment, runs by with tutti-fruiti ice cream that floated into the lagoon. Convinced that everyone is going to be rescued on the last wish, the Skipper rallies everyone together to leave the island. The Professor, however, remains dubious, and when Gilligan loses the stone, he half-heartedly helps Ginger search the caves where Gilligan thinks he lost it. Meanwhile, the Skipper falls from a tree Gilligan had climbed while searching for the stone with Mary Ann, and the 's search the clam beds for the stone, losing their interest in clams for the rest of their lives. When Ginger finds the stone, everyone rushes for the lagoon, but the Professor remains unconvinced that anything will happen and wishes them off to humor them. As the sun descends on the time limit for Gilligan's wishes, everyone one by one breaks away. Mary Ann opts to stay with the Professor then asks her husband to stay as chaperone with them, but then she and Ginger decide to stay behind too. By now, the Professor chooses to humor them and joins them. Gilligan wishes everyone was off the island at the last minute just as the small patch of land they're on drifts into the lagoon. They're off the island, but now they're adrift in the lagoon as Gilligan tries hard to correct his wish to no avail. Later on that evening, the Professor rationalizes the digging of the bait trap loosened the small plot of land. The Skipper groans at his disbelief as Gilligan disgruntledly tosses the Eye of the Idol into the jungle, hoping whoever finds it next has better luck with it. At that moment, everyone rushes off to find it, including the Professor who prefers not to take any chances. Meanwhile, Gilligan reveals he never tossed it after all as everyone searches for it.Last fashion week I disgruntledly nursed the bruises I got from people pushing in the line outside the Dazed and Confused party with bad vodka in a plastic cup. I realized quite how short I am, even in heels, at this particular party. And, horror of all horrors, I was forced to make strained conversation with my doppelganger, M.I.A. while my friend Karen searched for a camera to take photo of us, two English Sri Lankans with the same face, together side by side at last.
A disgruntled former airport employee was arrested in the incident Wednesday.

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Here we were, thinking we had seen all the bugs in our garden, when this character arrived on the kitchen windowsill. The photograph is taken on the relevant page of ‘The Reed Handbook of Common Insects.’ It was very tricky to get a picture of, & buzzed very disgruntledly.

The disgruntled boy did not relish this lack of due recognition and these periods of inaction.

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Since we arrived early and there weren’t that many people, it was understandable that the music was only meh to start with, and at first he only played unknown 80s music or random weird beats that dampened everyone’s mood. People went up to the DJ a few times to request songs and to ask when hip hop would be played, to which he disgruntledly always said, “Later.” 11:00 rolled around, the crowd was starting to file in, and the music STILL sucked, so we were getting pissed, pounded drinks instead and checked out the pool table in the room adjacent to the dance floor.

There were other people who were disgruntled that morning at Mrs. McLean's breakfast.

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All during the time that my nose was exploring her stifle and my fingers were groping helplessly with her teats and my mind was envisioning cows swooping down on rabbits and sinking their savage dew claws into their spines, the cow herself was rumbling disgruntledly, and shuffling around in the most uncooperative fashion, and pleading with the farmer to get this dolt away from her nether parts, and I was encountering various mysterious fleshy protuberances, and hauling them this way and that to no avail, and the cow was groaning piteously, and the farmer was making sounds in his throat like he had tried to eat an entire chicken and now was struggling mightily to get it all down, and the friend I had come to the farm with had stepped outside the barn politely so that I would not see or hear him laughing so hard that he sprained his face, as he said later.