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This Essay explores the choice many traditionalist Christian parents (both fundamentalist and evangelical) make to leave public schools in order to teach their children at home, thus in most instances escaping meaningful oversight. I am not primarily concerned here with the quality of academic achievement in the core curricular areas among homeschoolers, which has been the subject of much heated debate. Instead, my comments focus on civic education in the broadest sense, which I define primarily as exposure to the constitutional norm of tolerance. I shall argue that the growing reliance on homeschooling comes into direct conflict with assuring that children are exposed to such constitutional values.

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The effect of pressure altitude and ambient temperature is to defineprimarily the density altitude and its effect on takeoff performance. Whilesubsequent corrections are appropriate for the effect of temperature oncertain items of powerplant performance, density altitude defines specificeffects on takeoff performance. An increase in density altitude can producea two fold effect on takeoff performance: (1) greater takeoff speed and(2) decreased thrust and reduced net accelerating force. If an airplaneof given weight and configuration is operated at greater heights abovestandard sea level, the airplane will still require the same dynamic pressureto become airborne at the takeoff lift coefficient. Thus, the airplaneat altitude will take off at the same indicated airspeed as at sea level,but because of the reduced air density, the true airspeed will be greater.

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In normal operation results are obtained using a polynomial representation ofthe real-height profile, fitted to several points each side of the sectionbeing calculated. This provides an accurate interpolation between scaledfrequencies, which is necessary for an accurate analysis. Virtual height datadefine primarily the real-height gradients at the scaled frequencies. Realheights are therefore defined most accurately between the scaled frequencies(). Thus when an accurate analysis is used to obtainreal heights at the scaled frequencies, it is dealing directly with the mostdifficult points. Tests have shown that direct second difference interpolationis then sufficient to reproduce the profile between scaled frequencies withlittle or no increase in the mean error. Results obtained by POLAN aretherefore normally stored as arrays giving the scaled frequencies andcorresponding real heights. Some extrapolated points are added above the layerpeaks, for simpler calculation of mean profiles and to give smooth plots withsecond or third order parametric interpolation (which is necessary to copewith non-monotonic profiles).This information is taken from Report UAG-93: , by J.E. Titheridge, University of Auckland, NewZealand, December 1985. The report provides comprehensive information on thebackground and operation of the POLAN software.

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Definition of primary data: Data observed or collected directly from first-hand experience

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines primary as "Occurring or existing first in a sequence of events; belonging to the beginning or earliest stage of something; first in time."

or define primary and secondary research to provide a criteria used

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Popular culture is difficult to define primarily because culture is constantly changing

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