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If ideas have habitats in which they originate andprosper, then the desert edge might be called the home ofWestern thought. Historically this is common knowledge, forthe peoples of the dry landscapes of Egypt, Sumer, Assyria,Palestine, and the Eastern European and Eurasian borders ofthe Mediterranean Sea fashioned many of the concepts thatdefine Occidental civilization....

Occident - definition of occident by The Free Dictionary

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A: First, please keep in mind that the overall costs of an Oxy education - as well as financial aid packages - are based on the cost of meal plan B. Dining together is an important part of the overall co-curricular experience that helps define Occidental’s highly residential community. In the first year students develop their social networks, and much of this process occurs while dining. On the larger plans students are able to try out all dining venues and establish the dining pattern that best suits them. Meal Plan D is designed for students who eat a good portion of their meals off campus - first years are not expected or encouraged to do this.

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occident - definition of occident by The Free Dictionary

oc·ci·den·tal or Oc·ci·den·tal (ŏk′sĭ-dĕn′tl) adj

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leads to his/her defense of Occidental culture and the way she uses the Oriental culture to define Occidental habits and traditions

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