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Beowulf acts as a "superhuman" which Grendel wouldn't overcome. ... Grendel's mother longs for revenge against Beowulf. ... As the story goes on, Grendel's mother comes along to seek revenge for the death of her son. ... The poet explains how the event of Grendel's mother's death reveals the monster in Beowulf and how this representation of a strong man is no longer present. ... The death of Beowulf connects back to the illustration of what the hoard represents. ...

The Death of Beowulf(with friend Wiglaf)

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I begin by having students preread the last three sections, "Beowulf's Last Battle, The Death of Beowulf, Mourning Beowulf" by reading the beige preview text at the beginning of sections; notes on specific phrases or lines in the text and text-dependent questions found in the guide for reading in the right-margin; and any words to know/vocabulary in the beige boxes on the bottom of pages. This strategy allows students to become familiar with vocabulary and footnotes prior to reading them in context, thereby allowing the readers to begin interacting with text features that may enrich their comprehension while reading.

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Wiglaf fetches out the treasure, and again bathes Beowulf's wounds; Beowulf speaks again, rejoices over the sight of the treasure; gives to Wiglaf his ring and his armour, and bids the manner of his bale-fire. With that he passes away. Now the dastards come thereto and find Wiglaf vainly bathing his dead lord. He casteth shame upon them with great wrath. Thence he sends a messenger to the barriers of the town, who comes to the host, and tells them of the death of Beowulf. He tells withal of the old feud betwixt the Geats and the Swedes, and how these, when they hear of the death of the king, will be upon them. The warriors go to look on Beowulf, and find him and the Worm lying dead together. Wiglaf chooses out seven of them to go void the treasure-house, after having bidden them gather wood for the bale-fire. They shove the Worm over the cliff into the sea, and bear off the treasure in wains. Then they bring Beowulf's corpse to bale, and they kindle it; a woman called the wife of aforetime, it may be Hygd, widow of Hygelac, bemoans him: and twelve children of the athelings ride round the bale, and bemoan Beowulf and praise him: and thus ends the poem.

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Once the clip is over, I ask students to return to the three sections in their textbooks: Now, on the TEXT side of your paper, list five to seven events in chronological order for each section (Beowulf's Last Battle, Death of Beowulf, Mourning Beowulf) that (1) are significant to you and (2) provide a summary of the section.The death of Beowulf was a difficult thing. He was not just a man who lived life to the full, he was one who enjoyed it immensely along the way. The poet in one sentence represents his death in the words:The death of Beowulf. Drawing by George T. Tobin from the book, by Zenaïde A. Ragozin, published in New York in 1901 (copyright 1898) by G. P. Putnam's Sons (The Kickerbocker Press).
The Death Of Beowulf

The Death of Beowulf (with friend Wiglaf)

There are many important aspects to the story, including the 8th century Germanic culture that is the historical setting and hubris, his tragic flaw. To fully understand the death of Beowulf, one must have a basic understanding of every aspect of the story.

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The death of Beowulf is the most important aspect of the story because it is the culmination of the themes and motifs that make the epic poem stand the test of time.

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Wyglaf is the son of Weohstan and a thane (warrior) of Beowulf when the latter is king. He is the only one who stays behind when Beowulf is hurt by the fire dragon, and fights alongside him to kill the dragon. He is the only one mindful of kinship ties as well as grateful for the honors that Beowulf has bestowed on him and other warriors. He serves as a reminder of an age of loyalty and bravery that is coming to an end with the death of Beowulf.