Gas up in the mornings and avoid the deadly lines!

There was a reason "volley trading" was the norm: it was deadly as hell. The first line fires then falls back to reload while the second line fires, then falls back to reload, then third line etc. etc., then the first line is ready to fire again. While it's true that the muskets were more "pointed in the general direction" instead of aimed when not at very close quarters, you're talking several very deadly lines of musket balls flying at you ever minute. The notion of Americans being victorious by firing from behind trees was rarely if ever true- to shoot at them you have to stick your head up and that will like as not get you killed.

Spit, Deadly Lines On The Mic, Leaving Malfunctioning Flow

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They — not the image-makers, not the bright-eyed entrepreneurs, not those who know the city as a taxi-ride between a theatre and a wine-bar, not those who see it as Edinburgh on the Clyde, not the literary cliques, not those who apply the word 'renaissance' to a handful of movies and a few books of poetry and some novels and plays — they are the heart of Glasgow: the quizzical starers, the cocky walkers, the chic girls who don't see a phoney accent as an essential accessory of attractiveness, the askers of questions where none was expected, the dancers on the train, the strikers-up of unsolicited conversations, the welcomers of strangers, the deliverers of deadly lines in most unlikely places, the people fighting decency's rearguard action in Possil, the unpretentious, the unintimidated. Glasgow belongs to them.

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Sometimes the mantas are able to break free as the hooks fall out or the line breaks, other times they seek the help of humans to rid themselves of these deadly lines and sometimes they are not so lucky, succumbing to horrific injures which grow worse with the perpetual motion of their pectoral fins. Many of the manta rays recorded by researchers globally bear the scars of fishing lines, with roughly 10% of the population in the Maldives showing some form of anthropogenic injury, such as missing cephalic fins from fishing line, or propeller scars along their backs.

At the hopeless deadly lines!
Deadly Lines is Time Based, Easy to Play. Each level is not more than 35 seconds. Music goes along with the game and adds to the ambience of the game.Please enjoy and support us by following us on Facebook:
Load, Release, and Aim.
I come and see the fear in you
Because you know I'm firing out these deadly lines that the
whole land is quoting.
Rappers stand there sweating
Go polish my rims, I'm eliminating
Half the world's rappers, dominating
from the street to the boonies
the future, the rest, it stays obsolete
You're standing up bravely to fight me
I'll scroll an autograph on your forehead, hand-written
Give me your thanks
Your crewmembers see me and salute
While their bitches open up their their legs in bed in my villa
like they're getting amputated
I'm rolling in the Benz, dazzling Chrom rims,
that shine like the moon against the sky
Jetskis, villas in Rome,
Slut, you're talking to the king, who's stacking up the bills,
fucking over rappers and then nailing their girls
Nobody can touch his punchlines, just like he's Abel
See me rolling Blunts with Benjamins
Going out of the bank with mad money
Sweeping through the land like a boss in the Testarossa
When Victims watch that
They have more complexes afterwards than my castle-style manor.
In Costa Rica's beaches
Even Atheists are pulling out rosaries
Because the "boss aura" is bringing out their fear of death
More groupies and haters than Julius Caesar
Hoes say, I wish my boyfriend was as cool as
Because he's king.
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Deadly lines are falling and the only way to destroy them is to grab colored dots, which only affect the line on your partner’s side. Without the other person, you will die.

Pros roll over laughing at the fixation on these two deadly lines crossing

No fishing poles with deadly lines

She is released to run. And run. And run. No fishing poles with deadly lines. No neatly lined up chairs or towels. No lifeguard rules. Chasing sea foam puffs, racing micro-tornadoes, ears bent back by a hard breeze; she is free, alive, and joyous. Who would have thought there was so much to smell on an empty beach? Sophie circles back when I fall too far behind. Catch up, old man.

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This EP got bad influence written all over it.
How will my neighbours react when all they hear is about fucked things that happens when Jack drinks alcohol?
Delivering deadly lines like “They sing drugs don’t work, but they do, they work perfectly fine for me” or how he’s sorry for getting someone’s daughter pregnant.