The greatest gift we can give our children is the courage to dream.

In part one – – I introduced the difference between idle fantasy and dreams. It is the journey of our dreams that give our lives meaning. In part two I urged you to . As powerful beings our dreams sweep others along and drive us forward. Our lives become filled with energy and passion. But why did Sidney A. Friedman say that it required courage to dream? That is the subject of today’s post.

Ruth Michael has the Courage to Dream

We need the Courage to Dream,to dare to be succesful, and to beware of those who are dreams thiefs.

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The first form of courage is the courage to dream big dreams and to set big goals. This is where most people are stopped. The very idea of setting big, challenging, exciting, worthwhile goals is so overwhelming that they quit before they even begin. But this is not for you. Sit down, write out your goals as if anything were possible for you, and never be afraid to

The Courage to Dream - Balanced Existence

Dr. Schaedler’s presentation ignited the imagination of many in the room, leading to a vigorous discussion about how companies can truly create a culture of innovation. The audience shared thoughts about how companies must set clear goals so ambitious that they don’t quite know how they will achieve them. Companies must have a culture where there is a willingness to take risks, where there are even incentives to take risks that may lead to failure, and where failure is always acceptable, as long as lessons are learned from it. There must be a tolerance for ‘craziness’ explained Schaedler, so that true innovation is nurtured. Ultimately, through the audience discussion, Schaedler made it very clear that success is dependent on courage at both a corporate and a personal level: courage to challenge the status quo, courage to try and fail, courage to trust external partners, courage to challenge old assumptions and explore new opportunities, courage to dream.

It takes courage to dream big dreams… no matter your past, circumstances, or what others tell you.
Water and air, finds the way,
Disturb not, otherwise you've to pay,

So the dream of ours,
Let them fly high,
Disturb not, otherwise unattended you'll lay,

Ah! One must have courage to dream,
Like a river that flows stream
[…] credit: swambo This is actually the fourth article so far in a series of articles that began with The Courage to Dream. The impetus behind this article series is a powerful quote by Sidney A. Friedman that I’m using […][…] by using the form on the right side of this page. Thanks for visiting!Last week I started out with The Courage to Dream in which I introduced the following quote from Sidney A. Friedman: “You can achieve anything you […][…] discussed Taking Hold of Your Birthright as a powerful creative being. The third article considered Why You Need Courage to Dream. Today as the fourth installment of this article series we will consider why you need the courage […][…] That concludes this article series on how it is we can achieve whatever it is we want in life. If you missed the previous articles you might like to start at the beginning by reading the first article in the series – The Courage to Dream. […]It takes courage to know what you know and to act on it, regardless of the fact that you may well lose your life in service of this dream. It takes courage to dream anyway, knowing that to stop dreaming would be a different kind of death.
The Courage to Dream

Courage To Dream, by Aftab Alam

"The world lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living out their dreams - each according to his or her own talent. "
(Paulo Coelho)

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Why You Need Courage to Dream - Balanced Existence

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Courage to Dream - Delivering The Attitude

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