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I entered my first year of Computer Science without ever having programmed before. Why? Well, I actually wanted to be a doctor, but realized I only really liked the science and the romanticized ideal of helping people. I didn't actually want to see anyone die, or diagnose anyone with some terrible illness. A part of you has to be removed from your patient, and I didn't want to sacrifice that feeling of solidarity; I wasn't, and am still not, okay with death or chronic illness. Also, the unimaginable hours would have made me go insane. So in my last year of (a Quebecois flavor of pre-university and vocational school), I opted to go into engineering because I liked solving problems. So which kind of engineering to pick? I was leaning toward materials engineering, since it combined all my favorite subjects, but I had a strange and rather inexplicable desire to try something completely different. Both my career counselor and father told me that computer science was something I'd probably be good at, and potentially enjoy. I had never been the kind of person to be afraid of a computer, or be afraid of learning something new, so I said "What the hell, why not try it out?" My plan was to take my chances and try Computer Science at Waterloo for one year, and if I didn't like it, I would go back to McGill for their materials engineering co-op program. Now that I reflect on it, my decision was out there, but I'm extremely glad I took that chance, because I loved the material the first day of class. But going to Waterloo is far from just an academic experience, it also ensured that I would be going through a series of internships. The internships were a key factor in deciding where I wanted to go for school, because I had no idea what being a "computer scientist" would entail. I knew that with this program, I would be on my way to an eye-opening journey.

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Next year: Biomedical engineering or computer science at Waterloo, Queen's, Ottawa U or Carleton. Career goal: Prosthetics. School activities: Soccer, Student Council, programming team, Iron Accounting Team, Model UN, Skills Canada competition. Other: Volunteer at Waterfront Festival, Canada Day, youth soccer.

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“Mathematics and Computer Science at Waterloo are a cornerstones for the world-leading innovations for which our University and our region are known,” said Ian Goulden, dean of mathematics. “We attract outstanding students and faculty members from around the world and I am delighted that their hard work is reflected in these results.”

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I am not really to certain Computer Science at Waterloo is totally worth it since the C&O program is actually a ton better than CS with a lot of history at UW. The first few years of CS will be relatively boring for most hardcore CS programmers as a fair bit is potentially just chug work and the advanced CS and MATH courses try to advanced past this but once you do not have a choice to do advanced stream you will have to deal with the slowness of regular lecture and learning at UWaterloo.In 1969 after I finished grade 13 (the extra year was available in Ontario until 2002), I looked forward to studying math and computer science at Waterloo University. Back then, of course, computers were slow and ponderous. A single computer might fill a large room yet have only one megabyte of memory. There were no computer terminals; programs were typed on punch cards, one line of code per card.
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Long before LeBel challenged social science and humanity academics that in Canada alone include 24,000 full-time professors, he overcame steep odds. Growing up in a small francophone community in Sturgeon Falls, 20 kilometres west of North Bay, he was the first in his family to attend university. He studied math and computer science at Waterloo.

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Final disclaimer: I'm in computer science at Waterloo. As far as I know, everything I said is true for physics departments and other universities, but I can't guarantee it.

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I’m Kelsey, a software engineer on the Infrastructure team. I build core services to scale Pinterest in a way that’s reliable, fast and efficient. I studied computer science at Waterloo University and worked at A9 on Amazon CloudSearch before coming to Pinterest. I heard about GHC as a student, but never attended the conference until after I graduated. After reading “Lean In” and finding out that Sheryl Sandberg would be giving a keynote at the 2013 GHC, I decided to attend for the first time and was very glad that I did!