The moon and the stars are commonplace things,

Can commonplace things have beauty? Can appreciating common things help us understand our place in life? "O Yes! O Yes," said Mary Elizabeth Mahnkey who spent her seventy-one years deep in the hills of Taney County. Sharing this literal and spiritual beauty through her writ-lng was almost a mission, as she explained in a letter in 1936. "Sometimes I feel a vague hurt, almost physical pain, that people fail to realize the real beauty in these little simple things."

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15 commonplace things Americans do that other countries would find highly offensive (15 Photos)

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However, Smith and Kroc both illustrate how an interest in common place things needs to be united with a desire to understand their place in the bigger picture in order to produce great ideas. Kroc always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and when he saw the McDonalds booming business he grabbed the opportunity and didn’t let go, leading McDonalds to become the largest fast food corporation on Earth. Smith could be endlessly captivated by individual accounts from businessmen and men involved in trades of any kind. But it was his interest in how all of these individuals’ behavior could be made sense of in aggregate that led to the formation of his greatest ideas. Smith and Kroc both demonstrate that the best ideas are not only dependent on passion for commonplace things, but also on passion for understanding the potential of those things in a greater context.

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“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones that never yawn or say a commonplace thing.”

Even contemplating her own death she was still attentive to the usefulness and importance of commonplace things:
In conclusion, it becomes evident that the mankind throughout it's history have used the commonplace things as a source of inspiration and new ideas. The ideas borrowed from nature find it's application in all spheres of technology. Use of common life organisms as model objects have serves as a basis of the rise of biological science. Art has also has finded it's inspiration in common forms.Most of us, we’re wrapped up in commonplace things. The usual. The mundane. The conversations with outcomes a foregone conclusion. The songs much the same. The million and one nothings that congeal us into the great nonthreatening middle ground.
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But Ford was also ahead of his time in another way. He could have collected the finest and most expensive art in the world. But instead he collected commonplace things, like toasters, farm machinery, kerosene lamps, and steam engines. Ford felt that these everyday objects told a truth not written about in history books. Today, educators call these items "primary sources."

Commonplace things are, additionally, necessary as material for the generation of

The images are also a celebration of commonplace things

If you want to find out when some interesting commonplace things of today began, click on the links below and explore some of the holdings that Library and Archives Canada has to offer.

Her mission seemed to be to 'transform commonplace things into silver and gold,' so

Can commonplace things have beauty

When your Strategic Policy Forum closes, there will be an opportunityfor you to visit Jane Austen's house. She was born in 1775 and died in1817. In 1809 she came to live in Chawton, and here, particularly, theredeveloped in her work what Sir Walter Scott was to call her "exquisitetouch which renders ordinary commonplace things and characters interesting".Her house is now what has been called the best literary museum in England;and here, in the home which sheltered for the last eight years of her lifethe woman who is one of the world's greatest writers, you may stand inthe room in which she wrote, or revised, her six great novels. Yes, inthis house, in this room, Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot were reunitedafter many cruel years: and in this room Mrs Elton spoke for the firsttime (but not the last) of Maple Grove and the barouche-landau. Here geniuslived.