That's why the child is the father to the man

'Child Is The Father To The Man' was brilliantly worked into 'Surfs Up' for release on 1971's 'Surfs Up' album. If the finished 1967 song was even half as good as THAT version it would have certainly heaped acclaim upon Brian and the boys. 'Surfs Up' is possibly the finest writing collaboration done for the smile project and is utterly beautiful. The first part of 'Surfs Up' had completed music written and recorded and that features on the 1971 version. The second half is accapella and it's unsure wether it was intended to be or not. Whatever, it's a beautiful wonderful song.

The Child Is the Father to the Man ..

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The Child is the Father to the Man

We created the Mirrorshades Conference on the WELL from ashes of the old cyberpunk conference, recognizing that the term cyberpunk and the fringe technophiliac trends it had come to represent were products of a cultural adolescence that would quickly cycle out. But just as the child is the father to the man, the nascent proclivities of an emerging culture are never lost, but are inherent in its memetic structure. Cyberpunk will always be relevant as one root from which a mainstream digital culture has grown. //

That's why the child is the father to the man

"We are Freudians and our feeling is that Freud is a great genius who contributed incredibly valuable things both to our science and to civilization," Nemiroff said. "Freud made great discoveries about the importance of childhood to the life cycle; there is the phrase, 'The child is the father to the man' in that childhood determines to a great deal how we are as adults.

- “The Child is the Father to the Man”: Laying the Foundations for Nonkilling in Childhood, by Shelley Hymel, Lina Darwich and Reky Groendal
Child Is The Father To The Man

The Child Is the Father to the Man

Andrew Loog Oldham mostly produced the Rolling Stones (though he was involved in the success of other groups it usually wasn’t as a producer). Almost all of George Martin’s most outstanding work was with the Beatles. Similarly to Johnston, John Simon worked with a wide range of talent and produced a number of extraordinary albums. These include Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company's "Cheap Thrills"; most of Simon and Garfunkel’s "Bookends"; Leonard Cohen's 1st album, Songs of and The Child is the Father to the Man, Blood; Sweat and Tears’ first album. He also produced the first two albums by the Band as well as producing "The Last Waltz.” As impressive as is his work, except for the three Band albums he has few of the in-depth, multiple album relationships as Johnston.

Father of the Man” was labeled “Child Is the Father To the Man” in many early bootlegs

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In The Art of Dramatic Writing, Lajos Egri suggested that the best way to formulate a premise is 'something leads to something else'. For example, selfishness leads to downfall, or love leads to redemption, or wealth leads to corruption. However, you can state a premise in other ways, such as 'love conquers all' or 'the child is the father to the man' or 'your past always catches up with you'.

Now, as it has been posited by those of old, the child is the father to the man

"Child Is the Father of Man" Expression by William Wordsworth