Does Chewing Gum Make You Smarter

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-I’m not as bloated. Chewing gum makes , which can contribute to bloating.


Olive oil is also good for dissolving and softening chewing gum making it easier to remove from a carpet. A few drops placed on gum will help loosen it readying it to be brushed out with a comb, toothbrush or fork. You will again need to use dishwasher liquid on damp sponge to remove any oil residue however when all gum is removed.

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Ice cubes or even the use of an Ice pack placed over the gum will harden bubble gum or chewing gum making it easier to remove from most surfaces. of course you may have to resort to other methods as well as using ice.

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As mentioned earlier in this article placing Ice directly onto the chewing gum makes it harden and loosen its grip on the hair.

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The texture of chewing gum may be modified by the addition of certain flavors which act as plasticizers to increase gum softness. For example, peppermint oil flavors are known to exhibit plasticizing properties when added to the gum base in the chewing gum making process. A level as low as 1% of peppermint oil in the chewing gum results in noticeable softening of the chewing gum and the bolus. Moreover, other flavors, such as spearmint, mixed fruit flavors and fruit flavors including cherry, orange, lemon and the like also plasticize or soften the chewing gum at normal use levels of 1 to 2% in the chewing gum, but the softening effect is not lasting during storange or chewing. These flavors tend to migrate to the water-soluble phase in the chewing gum and are consumed almost immediately. It is impractical to increase the level of flavor to higher concentrations because of excessive plasticizing action resulting in sloppy chews and unacceptable organoleptic qualities.

I never thought about chewing gum making you consume excess air…wow! Looks like you learn something new everyday.

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Preferably, particles of chewing gum are formed by a method that can be described as chipping. In accordance with this chipping method, a mass of chewing gum is made by conventional techniques. The mass of chewing gum is cured at ambient temperature for at least about 4 hours and then sheeted by conventional means to sheets which are about 1.4 mm thick, 248 mm wide and 425 mm long. As is customary in the chewing gum making art, the chewing gum is coated with a dusting agent during the sheeting process. Preferably, the dusting agent is selected from the group consisting of powdered sugar, corn starch, magnesium stearate, calcium stearate and combinations thereof. Most preferably, the dusting agent comprises corn starch.

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