Amy Kao, Colin O'con, Butcher Walsh, Charmaine Wheatley

The Artist-in-Residence Program is directed by the Tom and Lisa Blumenthal Curator of Contemporary Art and is supported, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Barbara Lee Program Fund. Charmaine Wheatley's residency at the Gardner was also supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. The Museum receives operating support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which receives support from the State of Massachusetts and the National Endowment for the Arts. Charmaine Wheatley received direct support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council. Media sponsor: Boston Magazine.

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Amrhein showing off the intricate small boxed works by Charmaine Wheatley.

Colin O’Con & Charmaine Wheatley

Admission includes access to the entire Museum, Intro Talks, and special exhibitions Ornament and Illusion: Carlo Crivelli of Venice and Charmaine Wheatley: Souvenirs.

Amy Kao, Colin O'con, Butcher Walsh, Charmaine Wheatley

Visitors will be able to explore all parts of the museum, including its current special exhibitions focused on two-time artist-in-residence Charmaine Wheatley and 15th-century Venetian painter Carlo Crivelli.

- Charmaine Wheatley, from an e-mail to the author
Charmaine Wheatley is a performance artist who creates stories by drawing and watercoloring, often housing her collected drawings in pocket-sized metal boxes. She has published three books: Beau Fleuve: The Heart of North America (2006), 30% of Buffalo (2009), and Brett's Ball (2014). Wheatley's latest, a full color 48-page comic with rubber-stamped details celebrates Canadian abundance while making visual the importance of "downtime" in the workplace. In addition, her drawings have appeared in publications such as Border Crossings, FUKT, and C Magazine.Charmaine Wheatley is an artist of Canadian origin whose performance-based work is represented in three main parts in the current show. One is the "Moonpies," description of which I'll save as a special treat at the end of this review. Another is a video that is the residue of a 1997 performance piece. Third, and occupying the most space in the gallery, as well as demanding the most protracted attention, is a set of sets of small cards that document a sort of journal.
Since graduating from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1995, Charmaine Wheatley has received grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, and has been an artist in residence at the Gardner Museum (2012); Pace University, New York (2010); the Seven Below Arts Initiative, Vermont (2008); and Confederation Centre for the Arts/Parks Canada on Prince Edward Island (2007). Her work is held in international and library collections, including The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Since June 2012, Wheatley has based her practice of performance, sculpture, painting, drawing and writing in Newfoundland, Canada, a shift made possible from a generous award from the Canada Council for the Arts.As an Artist-in-Residence at the Gardner Museum in April of 2012, Charmaine Wheatley spent weeks exploring the collection and the archives and appreciating how Isabella Stewart Gardner dialogued with her many artist friends. Souvenirs captures an artist’s perspective into the life language and history of the Gardner Museum through her intimate vignettes of people, galleries and works in the collection. Situated on the ground floor of the historic building in the Fenway Gallery, the exhibition evidences Charmaine Wheatley’s interests and personal friendships as the adjacent Yellow Room and Blue Room galleries are a testament to Isabella Stewart Gardner’s.

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What a sad situation for the little girl. I commend Charmaine Wheatly for her commen sense and practical thinking with regards to her granddaughters well-being. It is not an easy decision

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Charmaine Wheatley is a Haligonian performance artist based in New York. She produces work in a number of media, including intimate drawings done on cards cut to fit the dimensions of boxes given her by friends, edible chocolate sculptures (called ) of that part of her body where cheek meets cheek, and videotapes of her activities and the reaction of the various audiences who come across them. In Winnipeg she staged two performances in strip clubs to coincide with an exhibition of her work at Gallery One One One at the University of Manitoba. She spoke with in her room at the Hotel Fort Garry.

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Charmaine Wheatley, a two-time artist-in-residence at the Gardner Museum, painted live portraits of visitors during her most recent stay. / Photo by Olga Khvan