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Character recommendations or character references are often used for housing accommodations, legal situations, child adoption, and other similar situations where character may be called into questions. Almost everyone needs this type of recommendation letter at some point in their life. These recommendation letters are often written by former employers, landlords, business associates, neighbors, doctors, acquaintances, etc. The most appropriate person varies depending upon what the letter of recommendation will be used for.

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We require a character recommendation for all BOLT leader applicants. Here's more info.

Academic/Character Recommendation Form

Also required for the application process are an Academic Recommendation Form and a Character Recommendation Form. The Academic Recommendation Form can be download , and the Character Recommendation Form can be downloaded .

Character recommendation-Ryu 1/3

Please arrange for one person who knows you well to write a character recommendation on your behalf. This can be a coach, supervisor, mentor, advisor, etc. We ask that this person is not a peer, a family member or affiliated with BOLT. We are looking for a point of reference that can speak to your teamwork ability, leadership skills, ability to serve as a peer mentor and other wonderful qualities.

A Character Recommendation form is available from the Gutenberg office or as a PDF at .
In our efforts, We request that you submit non-BOLT character recommendations to also avoid selection bias in our process.

CRPA Application Form 5 - Personal-Character Recommendation

Christian Ministries applicants are required to provide one character recommendations from a pastor or church leader of the church they currently attend. To request your character recommendation, you will need your pastor/church leader’s email address. You will be prompted to submit these details while completing your online application.

Give genuine and honest character recommendation

Character Recommendation Form | North Central University

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Junior Volunteer Character Recommendation Form