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Even worse, if you run out of time on your prepaid cell phone you may find that you lose your cell phone number—another of the prepaid cell phone disadvantages. This is particularly bad if you already have your cell phone number printed on your business cards and you use your prepaid cell phone for business purposes. Running out of time may force you to reactivate your phone, and upon reactivation you will be issued a new cell phone number. Thus, one of the many prepaid cell phone disadvantages is that running out of time can cost you more money in future—you may be forced to print new business cards and you will have to spend time getting in touch with all of your clients to provide them with your new cell phone number.

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Of course, an advantage of a having a prepaid cell phone is found in the fact that there is no monthly billing. Alternatively, this advantage does not come without its price. For all intents and purposes, the prepaid cell phone disadvantages include no free minutes, fewer free features, and many prepaid cell phones do not allow you to roll over your minutes. Moreover, don’t expect to get a good deal on roaming charges when you have a prepaid cell phone—among the prepaid cell phone disadvantages is the fact that you pay for precisely what you get—a certain amount of time for a particular dollar amount.

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For every advantage the prepaid cell phone offers, there are one or more prepaid cell phone disadvantages. Being aware of the prepaid cell phone disadvantages that exist will help you better determine what kind of cell phone is the right one for you when you are in the market for a cell phone and a cell phone package. Essentially, knowing the advantages and the prepaid cell phone disadvantages will help you weigh out your options and thereby empower you to make a more knowledgeable cell phone purchase. Just because prepaid cell phones offer loads of advantages, the prepaid cell phone disadvantages can be quite irritating to the regular cell phone user.

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Cell Phone Disadvantages

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Yet another of the prepaid cell phone disadvantages is that you must have cash on hand before you can purchase more time. If you don’t have the immediate funds available to you and you are in need of more time, you will find that you are basically out of luck and you won’t be able to get more cell phone time until you have the money to do so. Plus, if you use your cell phone a lot, one of the prepaid cell phone disadvantages is that you will be spending quite a bit of cash on prepaid phone cell phone cards.

CELL PHONE DISADVANTAGES: EFFECTS ON CHILDREN. The health effects of cell phone radiation on children are very worrisome. Dr Hyland explains why.

It is used by almost people off all ages

Every thing on the planet earth has two attributes; advantages and disadvantages

Everything has pro and cons, and cell phone has its drawbacks as well