Have our minds evolved since the time of our caveman ancestors?

One problem with the paleo diet is that "they're assuming that the options available to our caveman ancestors are still there," he argues. But "unless you're willing to hunt your food, they're not."

Should We Eat Like Our Caveman Ancestors?

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What daily life was like for our cavemen ancestors

In a biological sense, the term response falls into the self-awareness domain. If something is self-aware, it can react to a stimulus. We see this in the animal world through what we call instinct. Brain based research shows that we can condition ourselves to react to a stimulus therefore saving precious time. This was useful when our caveman ancestors were at the watering hole and heard a rustling noise behind them. A conditioned reaction allowed them to stay ahead of danger and out of the food chain.

Have our minds evolved since the time of our caveman ancestors

1) The Paleo Diet is based on a simple premise: stripping our diet down to the basics and mimicking the consumption habits of our caveman ancestors. Can you explain what this means from a food standpoint?

Census records can offer a lot of little known facts about your Cave ancestors, such as occupation.
There’s a Modern Caveman Movement afoot. And their inspirational leader is 76 year-old Arthur De Vany. A man who says we all should be mimicking our caveman ancestors.“Our stress-response systems were really designed to solve problems for seconds, not for years,” says Evans. When our caveman ancestors were exposed to a stressful event – such as a predator – they either fought or fled the situation and it was over relatively quickly. That intense physical activity of fighting or fleeing burned off the stress hormones that were released into the body during that stressful period when we were deciding what to do about this predator. Even more important, this burst of energy released bliss molecules – endorphins and dopamine – that restored balance to the body and neutralized all the negative side effects of stress. The "paleo diet" -- which supposedly mimics what our caveman ancestors ate -- has become a new health craze. But many scientists doubt that this hunter-gatherer cuisine of meat, veggies and fruit is as healthy as advertised, or even historically correct.In the past we've refrained from outlining the various things that people find valuable and beneficial about BFRO expeditions. It was preferable to let people discover those things for themselves, without creating expectations beforehand. But as the economy has gotten tougher in the past few years, and fuel costs have risen, and uncertainty is part of our lives more than it has been before ... it is more common for people to analyze every expenditure and ask themselves, "How does this help me (and my family) ?".

Among many other things ... sasquatch expeditions will help you cope with modern stresses and anxieties, even long after the expedition is over.

One can only explain superficially why this may be so. For every human, there are triggers in the modern world that will induce stress and anxiety, and there are triggers that will induce a feeling of blissful contentedness and relaxation. By exposing yourself (safely) to certain ancient threats, especially in truly ancient environments, for a few days in row, you experience a new feeling of contenteness and relaxation once you are out of the woods and you've returned to civilization, possibly due to the temporary but severe reorganization of your anxiety triggers ...

Aside from the immediate stress-relieving effects of temporarily replacing moden worries with some very ancient worries ... you will also deal with stress and anxiety better if you can occassionally remove yourself completely from the modern world and go somewhere very similar to the environment of the people who most thoroughly defined your mind and body -- your caveman ancestors.

Sasquatches still lead the caveman lifestyle, in the purest way. Pursuing sasquatches in the areas where they are repeatedly spotted will inevitably lead you to a variety of caveman-suitable environments. It is in those places where you can really begin to understand your own ancestors, and their lifestyle, and their diet, and that changes you for the better, permanently.
by comparing today's habits with our ancient caveman ancestors.

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In keeping with society and the media's traditional fixation on fad diets, some proponents of the Paleo diet don't give due credit to, or neglect entirely, the impact that physical activity plays in maintaining a healthy weight. This is somewhat ironic, because the most important reason that their idolized caveman ancestors were so "lean and mean" was probably due to how they lived instead of how they ate.

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Maybe my caveman ancestors invented the wheel or something

Your stomach feels a little queasy, and you notice an emotion that you would definitely label as anxiety. You recognize that you’re experiencing a stress reaction. You now also recognize that you’re experiencing the same fight-or-flight response that your caveman ancestors experienced. The difference is, you probably won’t die up there at that podium, even though it feels like you will.

Our caveman ancestors didn't just eat right, they knew how to sleep right, too

We probably still think like our caveman ancestors

Diets which call for severely limiting carbohydrate intake don't ever seem to go away, they just roll in and out on the tide of popularity. One such diet that's currently riding high is the "Paleolithic Diet." Currently promoted by such individuals as and , the diet asks its followers to consume a selection of food similar to that of their caveman ancestors. That's right, eat lots of meat, nuts, and berries and you can be as fit as Fred Flintstone... or maybe Barney Rubble.