What Are the Causes of Traffic Congestion

I think that cell phones are a very large cause of traffic congestion. I believe that the biggest cause of congestion is probably construction and accidents. Many people slow down to stare at accidents even after they have some lanes open for cars to get by. Cell phone use is distracting and could be responsible for some congestion, but not most.

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What are the main causes of traffic congestion

Cell phones are not one of the biggest causes of traffic congestion. I commuted from Ft. Worth to Dallas and back again five days a week thirty years ago. It was stop and go traffic all day everyday. At that time, I saw one person stuck in the same traffic I was, who was talking on a phone. The rest of us were simply victims of too many cars and not enough lanes and everyone trying to get to the same place at the same time.

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One of the main causes of traffic congestion is uncontrolled urban development. Beijing's monocentric urban development has led to the one-directional flow of traffic during peak hours. The urban sprawl, coupled with ever-increasing vehicle ownership and increasing number of commuters, has outpaced the development of the public transportation system. All these have accumulatively contributed to the severe traffic jams we face every day.

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Standard workdays are believed to be a main cause of traffic congestion – think rush hour traffic – that is inevitable unless businesses restructure their working hours. Public transportation, in combination with toll roads, may help to decrease the traffic congestion and the funds raised from toll-ways can be rolled into expanding public transportation.
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Major Causes of Traffic Congestion

I do not believe cell phones are one of the biggest causes of traffic congestion. There was once a time in the history of human kind when we had plenty of cars but very little if any cell phones and guess what? We still had a lot of traffic congestion. While cell phones may have made it worse, they are certainly not the main cause.

One of the main causes of traffic congestion is uncontrolled urban development

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The primary cause of traffic congestion is cars. Cars are becoming highly affordable nowadays. This leads to an increase in too many vehicles on the road. The increase in cars is not in line with the adequate road system and highway infrastructure. It creates a chaotic situation. One way to overcome the problem is to increase the use of public transportation and carpool.

causes of traffic congestion are often expensive, politically challenging, or socially undesirable

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An attempt has been taken to identify the major causes of traffic congestion along with existing system deficiencies, their consequences, and finally a policy options are recommended on Chittagong Metropolitan City. For the study primary data were collected through questionnaire survey and secondary data were used from various sources. The collected data were analyzed by using statistical techniques. It was found that rapid growth of population, inefficient land use pattern, indiscriminate roadside uses, past urban development trends and inadequate land use planning are responsible for traffic congestion in the city area. Lack of coordination and integration of concerned institutions is one of the major system deficiencies of traffic congestion situation in the study area. Opinion survey revealed that the overall quality of transportation system of Chittagong city is unsatisfactory.