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As a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Program, diversity has enriched my educational experience as a student, researcher, clinician, teacher, and community member. The opportunity to work with faculty, graduate and professional students, undergraduates, and clients from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds has helped me broaden my perspective and develop a sense of humility. The more I have learned from others, the more I have recognized how much more there is for me to learn. Taking time to appreciate diversity has helped me recognize that learning is truly a dynamic, life-long process.

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"My experiences in this program were nothing short of a life adventure which did so much to teach me about myself as well as the world. I had the opportunity to sharpen my skills, broaden my perspective, and even expand my knowledge. In addition, I gained new friendships and memories along the way. I would highly recommend this once in a lifetime opportunity to anyone."

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I feel as if SI has taught me lessons on subjects that school and university classes would not teach. It teaches us how to think about topics we never really have time to think about and teaches us the ability to think outside of the box and out of our comfort zone. I believe these skills are very beneficial to our future as they are skills that apply to all fields of work, unlike the very subject specific topics we learn in class.
SI programs are also great in the sense that they are offered in both English and Japanese, as well as covering global/international topics, giving Si and the WISH dorm a truly international feel. The global topics discussed in SI helped me share my opinions and receive opinions on subjects from students of different culture and beliefs. This interaction of knowledge between the teachers, students, and myself have helped broaden my perspective on many of the world’s topics, such as ‘Is Socratic or Confucius style teaching better’ or ‘what companies do you think will become more global in the future’.
In conclusion, I believe that SI is opportunity to learn more about the world around you, and it has been a useful class for me to further open up my mind and widen my perspective on world issues.

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Meeting and interacting throughout my life with people from cultural backgrounds different than my own has helped me to broaden my perspective about the world and consider different viewpoints. Additionally, traveling to other countries has greatly affected the way that I currently perceive the world around me. Perhaps due to my own experiences, I think that a broad perspective is an essential quality that teachers should possess. I feel that a broad perspective is important because a broad perspective can help a teacher recognize that there are multiple ways to approach any issue. This recognition may then lead to increased understanding, patience, and acceptance.

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Erasmus is a lot more than a studying or working experience. For me it will be a way to look at the UK with new eyes, to feel and discover new emotions and learn what is not written in the textbooks. I am absolutely convinced that this internship provides me the real opportunity to work in any multinational company among highly qualified professionals with completely different backgrounds who are united by their enthusiasm, interest and drive. I am sure that the time spent in UK will allow me to broaden my perspective and contribute to my personal development by expanding my abilities and widening my experience in a variety of working disciplines. I consider it is a challenge and great opportunity to explore and identify ways of improving myself. It is not only about the improving my English skills or getting better in my work experiences. I wish, that this programme open up to me new horizonts and levels useful for my future, not only professional life.

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‘I managed to broaden my perspective, particularly when mingle with foreigners. This is because their thinking is out of box and they are also quite transparent regarding any sensitive issues. ‘