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For anyone who has ever worked in a broadcast environment, you know the unique challenges that are involved in post production. Deadlines are tight and resources are often slim. Often you are creating something from nothing. When projects are due in hours instead of days, graphics and design have to be created on the fly, and you need to be flexible and responsive to last minute changes… you don't have time for complex workflows or long render times. As someone who has been a broadcast editor for almost 2 decades at a local station, I believe that Autodesk Smoke is the ideal tool for editors to overcome the challenges that are inherent to broadcast television.

EDIUS Pro 3 and EDIUS Broadcast editing software

Broadcast editor Chris Curtis reflects on the big winners at the Bafta Television Awards.

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Broadcast editor i supervises Montana's news report for radio and television stations. He is the main point of contact for broadcast members seeking information about the AP's broadcast operations.

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I work for an Advertising Agency as a Senior Broadcast Editor. On the side, I further my career by shooting and editing short and feature-length films.

Here is the full text of the statement issued by the Broadcast Editors' Association:
This role requires previous Post Production experience in a television environment utilizing High Definition (HD) non-linear editing systems, media management applications, and a working knowledge of technical standards and requirements for on-air broadcasts. The ideal candidates must have a knowledge of color correction, waveform and vector scope use as well as other tools used in measuring video and audio signals to ensure quality control of FOX's broadcast standards for delivery to air. Must have a knowledge of audio standards and requirements such as OMF and AAF creation and stereo and surround sound basics. In addition, the Freelance Broadcast Editors must understand, adapt and adhere to a complex digital workflow to get projects delivered under strict deadlines. Working hand-in-hand with producers who expect performance under pressure and to deliver professional, high quality television content under tight deadlines.Probably a very idiotic question...... I am very familiar with FC however have never done any actual "Broadcast" editing....... I am under the impression that broadcast editing is much different than what I have been doing........ Is the video capture process different or is the difference only in the export process?2" Quad broadcast Editor. We Buy, rebuild and sell quad VTR Good Condition - In Stock, located at our processing Laboratory, leasing & rental optionalEDIUS Pro 3 and EDIUS Broadcast nonlinear editing software provide realtime, mixed format editing of uncompressed SD, HD, HDV, DV, MPEG-2, and MPEG-1 formats. EDIUS Pro 3 and EDIUS Broadcast deliver increased quality and realtime performance through the company's acclaimed variable-bitrate Canopus HQ codec, including realtime HQ batch capture from 1080i and 720p HDV cameras and decks.
Broadcast international editor Peter White makes his predictions for the year ahead

Broadcast Editor - Network Operations - Fox -200565

infomercial: An audio or video segment that combines advertising with information, sold as acommercial and available on some cable networks and other broadcast media.

Innovations are exciting, but BBC needs to establish itself quickly, says Broadcast editor Chris Curtis

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PAL 2" Quad broadcast Editor. We buy, rebuild and sell quad VTR – Available rebuilt, in Stock. Premium Condition - Available now refurbished, in Stock.

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Read as Evan Pease talks about his career as a Senior Broadcast Editor. Find him at and on his Twitter feed in the sidebar of this interview.