1966 - 20 Book, 20Vol. Set Book of Knowledge

A book of knowledge is the reward from the . It grants players experience equivalent to their level in a times 15. Compared with a , which only gives the experience equal to the level times 10, the book of knowledge is 50% more potent. Many people use this kind of book to level up skills that are time-consuming or expensive to level up, such as , , , , or .

1956 - 10 Book, 20Vol. Set Book of Knowledge

Nor is this incapacity confined to those versed in book knowledge.

Capital knowledge of sea-fish; not book knowledge, but practical.

The Book of Knowledge Set of Encyclopedias are a treasure for the HomeSchooler and Public schooled child alike. These are not like regular encyclopedias and are not to be confused with the "New Book of Knowledge". As far as we have found, they were first published by Grolier Publishing in 1890 and ended in 1963. We have seen them in the colors--burgundy, blue, and red & white, green, greenish blue and black, etc. They are a 20 volume set of books that come in either a 20 volume set or a 10 volume set with 2 volumes per book. Books with the same copyrights are identical with the 10 volume series containing only more pages in each book. What makes them so unique is they are fully illustrated with black & white and color photos, they contain subjects necessary and of interest specifically for the education process in a way that is not and has not been accomplished before or since. With the incoming information, digital age, real books are becoming extinct. Books are burned at various locations around the country. Libraries are buying and shelving less books and adding more computers. If we had no electricity, no internet, then these would be the books you would want in your possession. The 10 book sets are of great value to missionaries with families. If you have a set and would like to donate them, please check with your local church for a missionary family.

In every walk in life, book knowledge is only a means to an end.

With these booklets your children will receive the full benefits of the Book of Knowledge, saving parents time and planning. Not enough can be written to describe the Courses of Study and School-Subject guide. So simple, yet so advanced to most this day and time. Easy to use. The outlines help teach self study and independence, as well as helping relieve parents of any concern and to see what must be covered. Too bad this material is out of print and still under copyright.

And it is not only book knowledge and journal knowledge, but a knowledge of men that is needed.
Martin had taught her book knowledge and much about the things of the civilised world.

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Happiness is union with God. You are not ordinary mortals. All are essentially divine. In order to realise your true nature, practise what you preach. Only then can you experience bliss. Verily, bliss is the true nature of man. Why should you give up that which is natural to you and lead an artificial life? Wherever you see, in colleges and schools, students lack practical knowledge. They give importance, only to bookish knowledge and become ‘books’ themselves. True education is that which originates from the heart. Heart is very important for human existence. When a child is born, the first thing that people observe is the heart beat. You should rely more on your spiritual heart than on the physical heart. Conscience is another name for spiritual heart. Keep your heart pure. That should be your main endeavour. Whatever is done with love and purity of heart will confer bliss on you. In fact, bliss is latent in everyone. But man is unaware of this truth. One should make every effort to manifest one’s innate bliss in him. What is the nature of this bliss? Nityanandam, Parama Sukhadam, Kevalam Jnanamurtim, Dwandwateetam (God is the embodiment of eternal bliss, He is wisdom absolute, beyond the pair of opposites). It transcends duality. So long one is immersed in duality one cannot experience bliss. First of all one should understand the principle of unity. Unity leads to purity and purity leads to divinity. A true human being is one who strives for unity, purity and divinity. Otherwise, he is no better than birds and animals. First, purify your senses and develop unity. Consider all as your brothers and sisters and live in harmony. In public meetings, we hear the speakers addressing people as brothers and sisters. But do they really mean what they say? Do you find unity among brothers and sisters today? No. True happiness lies in unity. Human life can be compared to a tree. Our relations are like branches and sub-branches. Contemplation of God is like a flower from which you will get the fruit of bliss.

1950 Book of Knowledge

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Firstly, I want to quote my own personal experience to prove my perspective. During my MBA training, I took NCFM Financial Markets module. I had no deep prior knowledge about financial markets. I considered NSE booklet a source for gaining knowledge about markets different terminology and the whole process. But when I had undergone three days training in a Max Growth brokerage firm during training period, the real world came in front of me. Persons working there have only practical knowledge with them and they have no concern with what is written in books. My bookish knowledge proved wrong there. For instance, I asked them whether they give 2.5% commission to agents, they replied to me, in reality, it does not exceed 0.5%. There are many other things which I learnt there and they are nowhere in books. Means my certificate do not provide me the skill to work in any brokerage firm unless I have practical exposure to...

Book knowledge of Disease has to be coupled with bed-side knowledge; neither will take the place of the other.

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Education is far more than bookish knowledge. It can happen in any setting through any medium. Books and Schools are just one of the most socially accepted mediums and settings to get educated. But that does not mean everyone who gets schooled is educated.