Cincinnati: Better Way Books , 1990.

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Better Way Books, ISBN 1-55870-128-1

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Choreographers and Producers. Cincinnati: Better Way Books, 1996.

Discovering Your Italian Ancecstor
Lynn Nelson
ISBN 1-55870-426-4
Published by Better Way Books, Cincinnati, OH
Very useful for transcription of the civil records Italian to English, alsoshows examples and where to find them. Many useful tips and a good section onItalian letter writing with word lists.

1993, Better Way Books; ISBN 1-55870-315-2

Publisher: Better Way Books, 1994
Blake, Mike, Baseball Chronicles – An Oral History of Baseball Through the Decades (Cincinnati: Better Way Books, 1994).

Genre: Non-Fiction Publisher: Better Way Books Publication Year: 2013

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Better Way Books, ISBN 1-55870-128-1

Betterway Christian Books & Gifts in Stockbridge, reviews by real people

How to run a family business, Better way Books, Cincinnati, OH (1994)