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Family physicians can play a number of important roles regarding Canadian patients’ involvement in medical tourism. Physicians might have the opportunity to speak with these patients when they are in the decision-making stage, prompting them to think carefully about the risks and benefits of going abroad for care. Doing so might also provide opportunities to talk about strategies for minimizing health risks while in the destination country and during travel, such as through obtaining vaccinations before departure. For patients going abroad for transplantation, this could include talking about antirejection drugs and potentially providing referrals to see Canadian transplant specialists before departure. Canadian family physicians might also be in a position to speak with patients about the types of information needed from abroad in order to keep their medical records complete. New guidelines recently created by the Public Health Agency of Canada could serve as a resource for Canadian family physicians in speaking with patients about medical tourism. Because of the numerous roles that Canadian family physicians could play in relation to medical tourism, and thus ultimately in assisting with maintaining these patients’ health and well-being, it is essential that they have an awareness about the existence of this practice among their patients and be observant for any negative or positive effects it is having on their abilities to provide treatment.

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This week, we discuss the five career benefits of going abroad and h

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But for realzies, for marketing majors the benefits of going abroad are innumerable. Although it may feel difficult to leave your university, an understanding of international business is crucial for successful career. Marketing today means determining consumer needs and then translating them into products and services and then selling them locally, nationally, and even globally. Today's semester in China can translate into a tomorrow's brilliant career selling sprockets overseas. Although your future office many be in New York, you will need to understand ethical business practices in Bangladesh, cultural norms in China and government regulation in South America.

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Stacie Nevadomski Berdan, one of the authors of IIE’s new “Student Guide to Study Abroad,” explores the benefits of going abroad in her recent Huffington Post Article. Read why study abroad is “serious business.”

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But for realzies, for marketing majors the benefits of going abroad are innumerable

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