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However, the does not list the BCIT Electrical Engineering degree as an accredited program. According to CEAB, the only accredited engineering program at BCIT is the bachelor's program in Civil Engineering, and that one only became accredited in 2010.

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One BCIT electrical engineering student takes a closer look at a growing problem with E-waste.

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My sense is that BCIT's engineering programs are relatively new and relatively small, and the EE program may not actually have CEAB accreditation yet. If these points are correct, then you shouldn't expect the EE degree to have the same weight as an EE degree from an older, well-established program, like those at SFU or UBC. I think BCITs electrical engineering program was established in 2008 which is another reason why I am a bit scared to get into it. I am unsure if it is accredited but I will send them an email regarding this consistancy (unless someone else can explain it). AFAIK, as it is a 4 year program, there are no graduates just yet and thus they have not published the reports regarding student success once graduating.

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However, the CEAB website does not list the BCIT Electrical Engineering degree as an accredited program

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