Ayn Rand sucks ass, Do not read Atlas Shrugged!

He’s also incorrect. Marco is an idiot. Ayn Rand sucks. There is not enough cohesiveness to even give an anon poster credit for posting honestly, unless they have a “name”

Ayn Rand Sucks (words and music by Matthew Grimm)

Ayn Rand sucks like any other high-priced whore

Ayn Rand sucks beyond all circumstance and pomp

Let's see what they got going on today. Under the description: DUMB PEOPLE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, a piece "Ayn Rand Sucks." It links to this on going net comix that really has it out for Rand and her cult. It's not a home run but it might have promise.

Zeitgeist of the Saboteur Academia: Why Ayn Rand Sucks

I think Ayn Rand sucks too (although I enjoyed Anthem as sci-fi analogous to THX-1138) but I wouldn’t take admiration of a sign of insanity. Bad taste, maybe.

(But) Ayn Rand sucks
Still, Ayn Rand sucks

Ayn Rand Sucks: Tea for Two Hundred or So

Ayn Rand Sucks – Matthew Grimm

Ayn Rand Sucks: Denial is the First Symptom

Ayn Rand SUCKS.

I'd let him, ayn rand sucks