DO PRO ATHLETES MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY? - the answer is yes!!

Do athletes make too much money? Or are they paid what they deserve considering how much money sports teams make? Were you surprised to see Floyd Mayweather at the top of the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Do athletes make too much money

Athletes do make too much money just by comparison with other professions, for example teachers.

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I was expecting this self-righteous screed about how professionalathletes make too much money and must be forced to "give back", blah,blah, blah. But The Dotted Line was even worse than I feared. Spurlocktook a fascinating subject, and made it utterly boring!

Since Spurlock couldn't even be bothered to explain why sports agentshave become a necessary evil, I will. Until the 1970s, athletes weren'tallowed to be represented in contract negotiations with a team; if itwere suspected you had an agent, you were blackballed! Imagine it: 18,19, 20-year old kids with no business acumen and even less formaleducation forced to deal with men who had the power to take fulladvantage of them! Spurlock never hints at any of this. Instead, heinsinuates that, to the agents and the athletes' families, Super Jockis little more than a human ATM waiting to pay out, which is such acliché, a TV series was based on it ("Arli$")!

Eugene Lee - who must have been a snake oil salesman in a past life -feigns outrage when one of his clients dumps him for a rival. Did Leetake on the kid out of the goodness of his heart? Didn't think so! Boohoo!

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I believe that professional athletes do get paid an excessive amount of money. Of course the people who argue against claim that we the public are the ones paying them for our entertainment purposes so they are not really getting paid too much. But, what they do not understand is that everyone else in today's society get paid according to the importance of their job and their value. If this is the case then why should they overcharge us to view professional sports. That money that we pay the athletes can be of better use to charities for orphans or to better our economy. For example, if doctors and leaders who steer our country in a better direction only make somewhere around $150,000 a year then why should athletes who perform for our entertainment make $111 million a year. They serve only to benefit us psychologically and free us from our everyday lives. The jobs of leaders and doctors are too do much more than that.
Some people such as police officers and firefighters give up their lives everyday to ensure the safety of our people and they still only make enough to support their families. Why should athletes get paid millions just to simply entertain us when others risk their lives to maintain peace and keep us safe. Another point to be made is that athletes claim that they donate a big chunk of their money to charities and good causes. But, the truth is that only a small fraction of athletes do that while the rest stuff their pockets with money and live a life of luxuries while others try to make little money to make it through one day of their life. To restate, professional athletes make way too much money on a daily basis. If the amount of money that they make were to be cut even by half, then millions of people around the world could live a better life.

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Do Professional Athletes Make Too Much Money

Do professional athletes make too much money

BALDWIN: What I'm saying is that you work for months, and then these things come out, and they're just dismissed. And you learn the hard way that it's your ass. If the movie flops, it's your flop, even if you have no control. That's the gamble. People always say athletes make too much money, and some people ask me, "Do you feel you're overpaid?" And I don't, becausewith the exception of a half a dozen men, people don't give a s— who the director is. They don't give a s— who photographed it or did the costumes. If it flops, it's the actor who flopped. movie flopped. That's what movie stardom is all about. You made it happen or you didn't make it happen, whether you had that control or not. So for that, pay me more money than I'm currently getting Like all these things we've talked about, it's an evolving thing, and you learn so much. I take every movie I did prior to and I just discount them as an apprenticeship. I knew nothing, and they mean nothing to me. That was just not me. That was me learning. I feel like I'm really starting completely over now, armed with what I've learned in the last couple of years.

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Do athletes make too much money? Sure, their job is highly skilled, verydemanding, strenuous, scrutinized, stressful. Is that enough to justifytheir salaries? Of course, if the owners are making money, why shouldn'tthe players?

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I think athletes make far too much money, especially footballers

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