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Athletes are good role modes, because they can encourage young kids to follow their sport dreams. Even kids looked up to Babe Ruth when he was a baseball player. And why, you ask? Because he could always get a freaking ton of home runs, so he was a great role model.

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Athletes are good role models because they do charity events and they visit children in need. Some athletes are stupid and waste their money, but most are nice and care about being a good role model to children and adults. Athletes are very nice to their fans as well.
They are very caring

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Athletes are good role models. Athletes are good role models because many people look up to them. Athletes inspire many people to do different things. Some people don't get to see their parents so they might look up to athletes and be inspired to be like them and become a athlete like them.

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Although there are many positive examples of athletes being good role models, there are also many negative examples. While on the playing field many players and even coaches often get very angry when things do not go quite their way. Players and coaches will yell and sometimes actually fight with one another with no respect for the spectators or their own teammates. Hockey is more commonly known for its violent fights and its overall aggressive features. Sometimes players will try to hurt their opponents by using the sport against them. For instance, sometimes in baseball, a pitcher might throw the ball and purposely hit the batter. An extreme case of this aggressiveness is clear when referring to the boxing match in 1997 between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. Tyson was so mad and frustrated during the fight that he bit a part of Holyfield?s ear. What kind of parent would want their child to go around biting other children all because of what they saw on television? Athletes will also display bad conduct by throwing equipment or punching and hitting the things around them. If a child were to copy this sort of behavior somebody near by may end up injured or hurt. There are also less obvious ways that athletes are bad influences while on the field. Sometimes players will cheat so that their team can win or even just to make themselves look good. In baseball, some players put cork inside of their wooden bats so that the bats are lighter and easier to swing. Some players or even whole teams will take money as a bribe to purposely lose a game. For example in 1919, the Chicago White Sox received money from someone and agreed to wreck the World Series. Actions such as cheating can even be taken outside of just sports. If a child caught on to their favorite athlete cheating then he or she might try to cheat in school because it appears to be acceptable. Just as the good examples can be mimicked by children, the bad examples can and unfortunately will be mimicked too.Athletes have long been figures of idolization as the epitome of physical health and strength; however, the of Ray Rice for the assault of his wife, as well as many other recent cases of violence and crime committed by athletes, has led some to question whether athletes are good role models.Editor's note: Danville High School seniors in Jennifer Shearer's English class were asked to answer this question - "Are professional athletes good role models?" - as part of a "Real World Writing" unit. I think that some athletes are good role models because they give back and have achievements. And kids look up to things like that. For example in article 2 Rolf Benirskche a place kicker from the San Diego charges started something called " Kicks for Critters" it was a program that helped endangered spices. Also some football players like Edgerrin James and Kerry Collins and as well as some other football players earned a scholarship at their collages which set a good example for kids.
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In recent discussions of athletes as role models, acontroversial issue has been whether professional athletes are good role models or bad role models for our youth. On the one hand, some foundations such as the Kaiser FamilyFoundation are stating that today's youth is mimicking athlete’s behaviors onand off the field. Even many ESPN experts such as Skip Bayless argue thatathletes are the worst role models out there. He states "Eventually theyare going to let you down". On the other hand, however, others argue thatathletes are good role models. Many experts are arguing that athletes are goodrole models because they show the youth dedication, physical activity, andteamwork. In sum, then, the issue is whether today's athletes are good rolemodels or bad role models?

I agree that athletics are good role models because they can show sportsmanship and kids always want to be like the athletics.

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In my opinion athletes do make good role models because to become a athlete it means you have to have good enough grades and skill to get a scholarship. Which means you have to work hard. So again yes I think Athletes make good role models

I think that MOST athletes are good role models. Although not all of them, most promote healthy lifestyles and safety.

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i think athletes are good role models because they help youth today want to achieve their goals. when young kids see that someone out their has achieved a goal, it gives them an encouragement that makes them believe they can do it too. every individual has there own personal life and we cant accuse athletes because we do the same things.