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Once Guy was in a position to make a significant philanthropic commitment, he chose to support West Point. The influence of his father, a former parachute rigger in the 82nd Airborne, contributed to this decision, as it was his father who encouraged Guy to apply to West Point. When Guy was still in high school, his father brought him to a West Point recruitment event. "We attended together, and I couldn't take my eyes off of my father—he was in awe of the presentation and I could see the excitement in his face," remembers Guy. "He turned to me and said, 'This place is for you, buddy.' I never applied anywhere else." Guy describes his West Point graduation as one of the proudest moments in his father's life. One year later, his father unexpectedly passed away.

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Applying to West Point has more layers than the typical college application.

Is it a good idea to apply to West Point, and the Naval Academy?

No. Students in college or with previous college credit may apply to West Point if they meet the basic requirements. However, those students still enter West Point as plebes (freshmen) and must complete the four-year program.

It does not cost anything to apply to West Point

You apply to West Point by requesting and completing a PreCandidate Questionnaire and by obtaining a nomination, normally from a United States Congressman or a Senator. Fill out the reply card on the back cover of this brochure to obtain a Prospectus and a PreCandidate Questionnaire. A candidate file will be started after you return the PreCandidate Questionnaire, preferable in the spring of your junior year of high school.

Maybe Carson doesn’t understand how it works. Maybe what he should have said is, higher ups in the army beseeched me to apply to West Point.
In the third and final installment of our West Point video series, West Point’s Director of Admissions, Colonel Deborah McDonald, provides an inside look into the admissions process at West Point. Col. McDonald explains how West Point’s admissions process differs from that of other major colleges and universities and explains why applying to West Point makes financial sense for many families. She also discusses why students considering West Point need to begin the admissions process in their year. Col. McDonald offers encouragement for any student considering applying to West Point, making it clear that West Point admission is not just about test scores."A limited number of civilian high school graduates are authorized by the Department of the Army, and selected by West Point, to enlist in the Army Reserves, specifically for the purpose of attending USMAPS. It is important to know that all candidates must apply to West Point to be considered for USMAPS and that candidates may not apply directly to the Prep School."West Point has a 14% acceptance rate and has extremely competitive admissions standards. The process for applicants is extensive and demanding as candidates are evaluated based on their academic, physical, and leadership potential. In order to be eligible for admission, students must be U.S. citizens, at least 17 but not yet 23 by July 1 of year admitted, unmarried, not pregnant, and without legal child support obligations.

Prospective students must follow a multi-step process in applying to West Point. First, the applicant must apply for nomination by a member of Congress and pass the initial screening. Following the initial screening are physical and medical exams and a Candidate Fitness Assessment, which are important in admission. West Point places weight on the rigor of high school record, class rank, standardized test scores, and letters of recommendations to determine a student’s academic qualifications. Demonstrated leadership potential through extracurricular activities and character/personal qualities are also very important. Important admissions factors are the application essay, racial status, talent, and the level of the applicant’s interest. Additional considerations of lesser importance are the student's interview, and volunteer and work experience. When applying to West Point, a student should be sure to showcase his or her academic and leadership achievements and demonstrate that he or she is fully committed to West Point.Among the Class of 2014 are 17 combat veterans and nearly 50 active-duty military members. The Soldier Admission Program opens 170 slots each year for all members of the armed forces -- active duty, Reserve or National Guard -- to apply to West Point...
UPDATE: Foreign candidates can apply to West Point at the US Embassy in their home country

Ben Carson didn't even apply to West Point

UPDATE: Foreign candidates can apply to West Point at the US Embassy in their home country. The age range is 17-22 and you cannot be married, nor have any obligations to care for any children financially.

Begin seeking nominations in the spring of your junior year, or as soon as you apply to West Point

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Carson’s use of the words "full scholarship" is even more inaccurate if he’s describing his own experience, experts agreed. Tran told us it’s conceivable a ROTC commander or even a general would encourage a student to apply to West Point, touting the free tuition, but noted that anyone familiar with the process understands that that’s contingent upon nomination and acceptance.

Maybe what he should have said is, higher ups in the army beseeched me to apply to West Point

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But the term "full scholarship" is an inaccurate description, experts told us. The phrase typically refers to a college providing financial aid to allow a candidate to attend a college free of charge, but that doesn’t really apply to West Point’s across-the-board zero-tuition policy, said Antonio Buehler, a West Point alumnus who founded the admissions coaching service Abrome.