ll.77-78). The first apparition tells Macbeth to beware of Macduff.

One of the four Apparitions that Macbeth sees is the crowned child with a tree in his hands. This child comes bearing a tree which symbolizes the message he brings with him. The crowned child tells Macbeth that once the forest starts to move towards Dunsinane Hill, that's only when Macbeth should be worried about all his actions and their consequences, along with losing the crown. The fact that this child is crowned it means that he already bears a royal title… We can foreshadow that this crowned child is Malcolm, Duncan's eldest. Also, the fact that he approaches Macbeth with a tree in his hands is something that can help us foreshadow that Malcolm will be bringing the forest to Dunsinane Hill, therefore Macbeth should be watching out for Malcolm's arrival… (Moving the forest, not literally, but symbolically).

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Finally, since the apparition advises Macbeth to be “bloody, bold and resolute”, we can interpret a foreshadowing of Macduff’s murdered son. Jay Halio’s edition of the play (Macbeth, ed. Jay L. Halio, 1972 (Fountainwell Drama)) gives a full discussion of the symbolic potential of the second apparition.

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One would question the credibility of the enigmatic apparitions within Macbeth's renowned Act IV, Scene i. Shakespeare gains the audience's acceptance of the three mystically summoned apparitions through methodically foreshadowing a supernatural event is about to occur. Each stance of Shakespeare's foreshadowing -- cauldron potions, Hecate, the second witch's awareness of , and stage direction -- contributes to the believability of the apparitions' appearance in the play.

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In Act IV, Scene I, Macbeth approaches the three witches to demand answers from them regarding the future and his fears. The witches allow the three apparitions to satisfy Macbeth with their answers. Each apparition symbolizes a different thing and warns Macbeth about the future. They all have an unusual appearance. The first apparition took the form of an armed head, while the second apparition took the form of a bloody child, and the third took the form of a crowned child with a tree in his hand. The second apparition told Macbeth that no person born from a woman would harm him. Macbeth was comforted by this news because he thought every person was born from a woman. Little did he know that there was a person in his kingdom that was born by a Caesarean section, which at the time was not considered a natural birth. The second apparition's appearance as a bloody child symbolizes the person that was born by the caesarean section. The second apparition’s warning gives Macbeth more confidence. This can foreshadow that Macbeth will be killed by the one person who was not given birth to naturally. Macbeth’s own self-confidence and sense of security will lead him to his own demise. The other apparitions warn him of the Thane of Fife, Macduff, and tell Macbeth that he will not be defeated until Birnam Wood marches to battle at Dunsinane Hill. The warnings of both of these apparitions also comfort Macbeth and boost his confidence. Macbeth feared Macduff, but the second apparition’s words helped calm his fear. He believed that he would be able to rule until his death and live unharmed because of the apparitions’ warnings. This shows how fickle Macbeth was. He trusted the apparitions and did not even question them.

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The first apparition is the armed head. Its appearance is as stated, a head with an arm conjoined to it and clearly warns Macbeth about Macduff. This represents the idea of Macduff standing at the head of his own army who will fight against Macbeth. We can foreshadow that there will be a very bloody battle soon in the play, and it will be at the risk of one of these two characters. This apparition makes Macbeth feel frightened as well as threatened which leads him to want to kill Macduff for going against him.

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Macbeth visits the witches in an obscure cave, demanding more prophecies. Hecate, the goddess of the night and witchcraft, orders the witches to answer King Macbeth’s questions. Apparitions warn Macbeth to be cautious of Macduff. Visions of previous kings haunt Macbeth. Horrified by the apparitions, Macbeth collapses. They all disappear and his wife finds him. They resolve to kill Macduff and his family.