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The "Starkenberg" is directly situated in the quiet village centre of Scena, at only a few kilometres from the chic spa town of Merano.
Surrounded by romantic castles, Scena has become a real holiday paradise on the southern side of the Alps.
300 sunny days per year and the majestic mountains are the best conditions for an unforgettable dream holiday at the "Starkenberg".

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In 1953 I was working in a Detroit grease shop with a tall, slender black man with a wonderful wit and disposition. His name was Lemon Still Jr., and he was a delight to work with. One day we were dividing used crosses that are the heart of a universal joint, which is a component of a transmission and not an enormous reefer. One pile was junk, the other pile was made up of those which could be refinished and sold as new. Before we stuffed the hopeless ones into a burlap sack, Lemon held the bag before me and pointed at the white lettering which read, "Detroit Municipal Zoo," and he uttered a single memorable sentence, "They feed they lion they meal in they sacks." I was stunned by the sentence itself as well as Lemon's ability to simplify English grammar by reducing all third-person pronouns to the one "they." I don't know how many years passed before I forgot that moment, but in the late 1960s it came back to me via an unforgettable dream.

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When you have an unforgettable dream, you may immediately know what it is about or you may be confused as to why you had this dream. The following interpretations may help you understand the dream, but be sure to gauge this information against what is happening in your life as well as what your feelings are in certain situations.

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The cabin was spotless and everything was ready for our stay. The pictures and descriptions of this cabin were perfect. We found that everything worked flawlessly and we never needed to call for assistance or maintenance. The interior looked brand new in every regard. We commend the folks who handle Unforgettable Dreams for their attention to detail and helping make our week a relaxing, pleasurable experience. If all of Colonial Properties Rentals are this well maintained, we will search with Colonial for future visits.Cayman lodge amazonia includes a living room, dining room, Peruvian-style rooms, a kitchen, storage room and hamac room.

The lodges are built here in typical wood with big bay windows protected by mosquito netting and roofs thatched with palm leaves. These installations are in harmony with the rainforest and will allow you to live an unforgettable dream.

Electricity, candles and kerosene lamps are sometimes used to create a romantic and natural ambiance.

A generator is only used during meals to charge the batteries that are used for radio communication and to prepare meals.

The lodges have matrimonial chambers and individual bedrooms with two double beds, a bathroom and running water at room temperature.

All the lodges have a table and armchairs outside to relax on.

The main entry has a living room and a big covered dining room protected with metallic mosquito netting. Coffee, hot water, herbal tea, fruit and cookies are available around the clock 24 hours a day.

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"At the church wedding of myself and my wife Aswintha performed two songs. These a capella performances made this day to be an unforgettable dream."

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Of course getting married directly on the beach is always an option but what if you are the type of bride that does not want to take a chance with the weather, go barefoot, or want to share a space with other beach goers? Have a look at The l, truly an event space that was specifically constructed to be an all in one venue. You can prepare for your big day in the luxurious custom built Bridal Suite which overlooks the estate grounds. The Groom’s Quarters feature a flat screen TV, a view of the tidewater creek, and a wet bar. For the ceremony, the Sanctuary is the perfect back drop for an elegant Chapel Wedding. Three large Antique Gold chandeliers and the original hardwood floors allow you to decorate as minimally or elaborately as you would like. The Grand Ballroom and Cocktail Lounge add touches of grandeur necessary for an unforgettable dream reception!

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Our hotel and its grounds provide lots of room and a varied programme of activities for an unforgettable dream wedding in Lanzarote, and you can also take advantage of our favourable to accommodate your wedding guests.