The first section in the book is all about clothes, specifically.

Ironically, 1997 was also the year that the Philadelphia Museum of Art mounted one of the country's most spectacular fashion exhibits, ``250 Years of Style.'' The exhibit was all about clothes - although it's now quite evident that the influence of fashion is felt in circles far beyond style devotees.

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Hello and welcome back to a semi-regular feature we like to call GamesRadar Photoshop Mash-up. Over the next few pages we've taken a bunch of game-based puns--in this instance, they're all about clothes--and used our crazy Photoshop skills to tinker with existing box art and make them a reality. We've even included a few words on our creative process too.
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I am not all about lipstick, mascara and kajal. I am not all about going to the parlour and getting waxed. I am not all about cooking over and over. I am not all about toiling in the kitchen day and night. I am not all about attending kitty parties and gossiping around. I am not all about posting pda pictures on Facebook. I am not all about tweeting every moment of my life. I am not all about teddy bears and soft toys. I am not all about clothes and shopping. I am not all about glam-ups and high heels. I am not all about cleaning the house and handling your mess. I am not all about rash driving and accidents. I am not all about poor financial management. I am not all about being scared of cockroaches and lizards. I am not all about being a cleanliness freak. I am not all about crying to movies. I am not all about being a daily soap addict. I am not all about being an object of your sexual fantasies. I am not all about my hip and breasts. I am not all about docility and submission. I am not all about being used and dumped. I am not all about being my parent’s burden. I am not all about producing progeny. I am not all about being a mother. I am not all about chastity and devotion. I am not all about manhandling and subjection.

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Debbie, I love, love, love, this personal essay of yours. Your self discovery is pure, fresh. And your photos, the confidence shinning through in your selfie tells us that you have made the crossing over to the other side. The Pacific Beach photos are fun and your skill with a camera is growing in leaps, and how your eye lands on a moment to capture, and the light. Now that you have had time wander in the field where it isn’t all about clothes, or about how we look, my guess is that you will begin to spend far more time there until one day it becomes your regular state of being. I’m also thinking about what Dottie said. Back when I shopped and bought frequently I spent little time thinking about clothes. And now that I’m a careful shopper it is crucial that I think and plan before I shop and purchase. Kind of like planning for a trip, or planning out a menu after inviting guests over for dinner. So yes, of course we must think about clothes in order to stay the course. And according to me it is perfectly fine, absolutely necessary, for those of us with an interest in fabric, design and quality to spend some time researching before we buy so that we can make the best choice possible.

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