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This is a small measure with limited impact. Vulnerable children under 12 should be protected from exploitation by advertisers. We should follow the example of Sweden and Norway to have a blanket ban on advertisements targeting children under 12. The ban should include advertisements in the newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, handouts and the online media.

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Smoking advertisements target children

Attractive reasons of food advertisements targeting children

In order to stop advertisements targeting children as prime consumers, we need more than just a pledge. The Government has to come out with strict laws to protect our children from exploitation by irresponsible advertisers.

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DISCUSSION: Findings raise concern about the presence of this content in televised food advertisements targeting children and serve to alert pediatric health professionals and other child health advocates to take a closer look at this issue.

Fast food outlets spend around $3 billion on television advertisements targeting children
Advertisements targeting children and adolescents are profoundly influential. Teens are the consumers of today and of the future. When a brand connects with a teen, it could tap into a lifetime of loyalty Some recent food advertisement content analytic studies have concentrated on adult products (; ), but this study focuses on food products targeted at both adults and children. It attempted to contrast food advertisements targeting children versus adults. This study represents an addition to the existing literature on the content of television food advertisements because it is a comparison between child-focused and adult-focused television food advertisements, which has been the case with relatively few of the previous studies reviewed (most have concentrated on analysing child-focused food advertisements in isolation). It explores whether similar food is advertised quite differently to adults and children and whether different food is advertised more frequently to these two distinct sets of consumers.
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The construction of fun in food advertisements targeting children ..

Strengths of this study include the assessment of all advertisements promoting a set of children’s foods and beverages over all network, cable, and syndicated television channels for 1 year. Previous studies have only analyzed the content of a sample of child-directed advertisements by videorecording children’s television shows,,,, or a sample of advertisements targeting a general audience. This is also the first study to assess advertisements targeting children and parents for the same foods and beverages. Our coding schema was informed by previous studies, and we achieved high rates of interrater reliability. The distribution of advertisement airtime by channel and time of day provides face validity that we correctly distinguished child-directed versus parent-directed advertisements. For example, airtime for child-directed advertisements was greatest during times when children’s programming is commonly aired (ie, after school and weekend mornings).

advertisements targeting children, or a mix of children and adults, are not permitted

Advertising to children: Is it ethical

Jane Martin, executive manager of the Obesity Policy Coalition, said an inadequate self-regulatory initiative by the food industry failed to keep pace with social media advancements, leading to a growth in online junk food advertisements targeting children.

It attempted to contrast food advertisements targeting children versus adults

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Junk-food advertisements are even more ubiquitous than tobacco advertisements were in the years before tobacco control. In 1980, Quebec banned all commercial advertising aimed at children. The ban significantly reduced French-speaking children’s exposure to food and beverage advertising.4 In the United States, the First Amendment poses a major obstacle to advertising bans. Nevertheless, in 2007 Maine became the first state to prohibit brand advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages in schools. The US Supreme Court is more deferential to government restrictions on advertisements targeting children, so regulating commercial messages in K-12 public schools remains a prime target.