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Hello, my name is Alison Pinto. I’m Mum to two children, and I run . Menus4mums is an online family meal planning service which helps busy parents save time and money and put tasty, nutritious dinners on the table for their families. Members get a new menu plan each week for dinners the whole family will enjoy, with recipe cards and a handy shopping list broken down into supermarket aisles. What sets us apart is that the meals take advantage of supermarket special offers to keep grocery bills down – especially useful during the Credit Crunch!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Supermarket or Super Bazaar

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of supermarket?

Or take advantage of supermarket delivery, experienced caterers, award winning farm shops, Michelin gastro pub and the best tearooms. Feel free to enjoy the facilities and extra touches that will enhance your stay - with our compliments.

Disadvantages of supermarkets - FET SYSTEM

Falling supermarket profit figures could spell good news for licensees, with consumers more likely to eat or drink out rather than take advantage of supermarket’s ‘dine in for £10’ deals. A recent survey found readers are seeing an increase in consumer spending, with more than half experiencing a rise in turnover in the last year.

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as shoppers took advantage of supermarket price wars

You can save plenty of money by buying durable items in bulk, whether you take advantage of supermarket deals or opt to go to a wholesale outlet. For example, look out for ways to reduce your spending on cans of soup, paper towels, toilet paper and canned vegetables.

Also, take advantage of supermarket sales and buy in bulk to save money

Take advantage of supermarket own brand

Strawberries are at their very best at this time of the year with sales of the fruit more than quadrupling during the month of June. Whether you pick your own or take advantage of supermarket offers the sweet and juicy fruits need little in the way of help with flavour and are great served simply with a sprinkle of sugar and a dollop of cream.

Food – take advantage of supermarket bulk buys and freeze what you don't want until later

Take advantage of supermarket salad bars

Here’s a tip: Create a habit of buying a few extra cans of food when you go to the grocery store, or take advantage of supermarket sales and two-for-one coupons. Donate your discounted or free items to BSH! The most requested items include canned meats and vegetables, beans and legumes, and disposable diapers in all sizes.