use the 3 best adjectives to describe yourself.

Pat the Perfect: How about "lighthearted." Actually, you don't sound as if you have much use for that adjective to describe yourself if you could get so upset over this.

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One word adjective to describe yourself: Would like to be a renaissance man.

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Do you use cheesy clichés, overblown superlatives, or breathless adjectives to describe yourself in your social media profiles and marketing materials?

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In many cases, the interviewer can also phrase the question as ‘tell us 3 words to describe yourself’ or ‘give us 3 adjectives to describe yourself’.

An adjective to describe yourself: I’m not that tall. Is medium an adjective? I’ll go with medium.
TM: If you could pick one adjective to describe yourself, what would it be?

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Let's say that at the same church or GYC gathering where you were asked to introduce yourself, you are also asked to select one adjective to describe yourself. What word do you think would best describe who you are?

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And I bow to you for thinking of 100 adjectives to describe yourself, I wouldn’t have been able to think of more than ten. That’s how shallow I am..wait..shallow is also an adjective isn’t it? Go me.

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Encourage them to are 3 Adjectives to Describe Yourself