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For three years I'm studying here and finally I'm almost coming to the end of completing my bachelor degree. UCSI University is quite well known for the variety of courses offered from business related to medicine and music. UCSI University is also the one university which offered certified Actuarial Science in Malaysia.

Facilities: we have 4 blocks and currently they are building 2 more new blocks. Block A is our administration block, for registration, fee, exam, student affairs related is all here. Also the top of the block is our multipurpose hall and gym. The gym is a small one so it is always crowded, every Tuesday 6pm-9pm is ladies night. Block B is our library, an average size it is. Because UCSI is really small and during afternoon where students have no where to go the whole library becomes really noisy. Block C is the academic block, all the classes are conducted here. The aircon is really cold so I always make sure I bring jacket. While Block D is our hostel facility. I heard it is very hard to get this in campus hostel, most of the students will rather rent the condo at Angkasa or the teres houses outside.

Teaching: I am from the business faculty and through out my three years of study I think I have received quite some assistance from my lecturers and dean. The admin monster at the faculty is really langsi, but just ignore them.

Overall, I enjoy my university experience at UCSI University considering the fees are much cheaper compared to other branded university like Taylor or Monash.

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Actuarial Science is becoming a more and more popular field of study among Malaysian students these days. For those of you who are not familiar with what is means, actuarial science is the science of studying probabilities and applying them to real-world situations.

There are a number of ways which one can pursue the study of actuarial science in Malaysia. This, of course, is a very broad overview of the possible routes one can take to study actuarial science is a tertiary institution.

1. A-Levels

A-Levels will definitely provide a solid foundation at pre-university level for Actuarial Science. An additional plus is that A-Levels is recognized in all foreign universities. Some of the subjects required would be Math, Further Math and Economics. The 4th subject, should you decide to take a fourth, should be a subject that encourages you to think critically. I suggest Physics or Accounting. However, this is purely up to the individual.

2. American Degree Program (ADP)

The ADP offers a twinning with universities from the US with possible transfers to the UK and Australia. Most ADP programs have an area specially designed for the study of actuarial science. For example, INTI College, HELP University College and Taylor's College have specifically designed courses for actuarial science. In addition, these colleges offer partial scholarships to students who perform well in secondary school.

3. South Australian Matriculation (SAM)

SAM is a one-year program designed to create a good foundation for students planning to study in Australia. In the SAM program, there is also a specifically designed course at Taylor's College for students planning to undertake Actuarial Science. The subjects that a student has to take would be :- English Studies, Mathematical Studies, Specialist Mathematics, Economics and Accounting Studies.

Please keep in mind that this is a very broad view of the study of actuarial science. For further information, email us or visit the websites of the local institutions of education! Good luck!

are the current career prospects of actuarial science in Malaysia

I am a local graduate of Actuarial Science in Malaysia. It's not true that Actuarial Science has such a good job market here in Malaysia. I have been working 1 year now in banking industry. Well, i kept searching & searching for an actuarial related job field (Actuarial Dept in Insurance), there was none. So to sum this all up, the supply is more than the demand at a confidence level of 100%. To tell you the truth i am really frustrated with the market and environment, i did have 3 professional papers and 3 exempted course from SOA but, insurance companies wants not only professional papers but also experience.

There are a number of ways which one can pursue the study of actuarial science in Malaysia
UCSI University is also the one university which offered certified Actuarial Science in Malaysia

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