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I enjoy being here and sharing these experiences about living in . Hopefully it will serve to educate and help others to learn about Jeddah’s culture.

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I would like to finish my essay by reminding you the three topics that I talked about which are general Info about Jeddah, popular and famous places and types of higher education.

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Jeddah is amazing. From the moment I met her I knew it would be a great fit. She has the most powerful yet soft energy. We were so pleased with how personal and heartfelt our ceremony was...Jeddah was a huge part of that. I am still receiving praise about Jeddah and our ceremony. Her questionaire is very thorough and you learn a lot about yourself. I would recommend working with Jeddah.
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A definite face about Jeddah is that it has many Gems to exhibit to its visitors. The corniche houses the world highest fountain at 312 meters, the King Fahd’s fountain. You will also find numerous educational and historical sites, and it is known for having many grand museums such as the Municipality Museum. The Jeddah Museum is the regional landmark that demonstrates historical archaeology and ethnography.

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Something about Jeddah has definitely made it hold its place from a landmark that has survived the sands of time and progressed to becoming a modern city and has well earned its name as the pearl of the red sea.

Information about Jeddah city: history, location, climate, landmarks and historical places.

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The government in Saudi Arabia is focused about Jeddah's development into a leader in Science and Engineering for the region. The city has increasingly been ranked as a top player in innovation in the Middle East.