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Ehrensaft 12/1/13 A long way gone essay Ishmael Beah shows a loss of innocence all throughout his book "A long way gone". He shows us just how his childhood was taken from him and how that translates into loosing his innocence in the following ways. In the beginning of the story he talks about how horrific it was to see his village ransacked and burned. He talks about how scared he is like when the rebels found him and he looked into his brother's eyes and could feel the fear but tried to hide it. He was just trying to survive and yet people at other villages saw him as a threat and this made him sad. He didn't understand why people could be afraid of him when he was just an innocent kid trying to stay alive after he had lost everything. The first part in the story where I think Ishmael starts to lose his innocence is when he and his friends steal corn from a younger boy so they can eat. "One evening we actually chased a little boy who was eating two boiled ears of corn by himself. He was about five years old and was enjoying the corn that he held in both hands, taking turns biting each ear. We didn't say a word or even look at each other. Rather, we rushed on the boy at the same time, and before he knew what was happening, we had taken the corn from him."(Beah 30). I don't believe he completely loses his innocence because he did it to survive not for the thrill of doing it. "I felt guilty about it for a few minutes, but in our position, there wasn't much time for remorse."(Beah

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