An example of a hard working person is one who works 12 hour days.

Nights, for a hard working person like you come with a message of prosperity and a promise for a new bright sunny day for you to take benefit of it. For now just close your eyes and sleep tight. Wishing you a very good and silent, sound night and beautiful dreams.

If you want to succeed in life you need to be a hardworking person

hardworking - characterized by hard work and perseverance industrious, ..

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I would give it a bit more time and find a hard working person who is also knowledgeable. As you grow you don't want to have "buyers remorse" and feel guilty that you hired at one time out of need and now your needs have changed.

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Making smart choices that contribute to the results that matter to other people is one of the keys to success. Solid up-front goals and objectives planning sessions are critical to your personal success and to the success of everything you endeavor to do. If you're a hard working person, learning to effectively recognize the goals and intelligently plan objectives and strategies to accomplish them is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

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Talent gives you a head start, but hard work makes you finish the race.

Some "no" arguments (talent over hard work) say that profoundly gifted individuals have an edge. No doubt, but how many truly are "profoundly" gifted? Not many, at most. Which tool is more important, the one that everyone can use for every purpose, or the one some can use for some purposes?

Hard work trumps talent. Yes, even if a talented person can trump a hard working person (or vice-versa, because there's always someone better). Hard work, is something everyone can possess; it can help everyone for just about anything. Talent? Only some possess it, even less use it properly.

People who have both, are amazing. Why? Because not only were they naturally blessed, they've kept at it. Talent without hard work becomes meaningless. Hard work without talent stays hard work, it oftentimes makes the skill second nature - something talent rarely does.

No doubt talent is still important, but the question isn't "which one is important and which one isn't?" It's which is MORE important. Hard work is, because whether you have talent or not, you can have hard work. Hard work is not a genetic miracle like talent seems to be. It's a way of life, a personality trait that can be ingrained into each and every one of us. That is why it is more important.Chipotle Restaurants offer a comprehensive employee training program to its employees so Charly took the opportunity to enhance his employment skills. He soon gained recognition as a remarkably reliable and a hard working person. Charly continued to excel individually while contributing to the success of the restaurant. Nine months after receiving his first promotion, Charly was promoted yet again to Restaurant Service Manager. Charly’s two promotions to management positions in a year and a half was very impressive.
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Readers should now be able to understand why it's a mistake to borrow more than 30% of your available credit. Readers should also have a much better idea of how to go about following the thirty percent rule in an appropriate fashion. It is the people that follow this rule very carefully that reap the full benefits of it. Being able to borrow for very large purchases and pay them back in small amounts is a very nice privilege for a hard working person to have. People sometimes forget about the sneaky interest rates and accidentally abuse this privilege. In closing, readers need to always remember that credit is borrowing; it is not having additional funds that were not earned through working.

He was a hard working person, his kennel and dogs were always immaculate

About Me: I'm a hard working person always striving for more

Ray Ohl, my mentor two out of the five times that I have been at Goddard. He is definitely one of the smartest people I know and also a great teacher. He is patient and very creative when explaining something. Another person that I deeply admire is Maria Nowak, the current branch head of code 551. She is very smart and a hard working person, this has helped her get to the position that she now has.

You can be a hard working person being paid a wage and still be on the government dole

Hardly anyone would consider a hard working person as an addict

New York was the place where a hard working person could make something of himself. Dino would work day and night at 2 jobs; in diners and coffee shops. He worked hard and saved his money. He was also gaining more valuable knowledge of the restaurant business. While waiting tables at 7 Brothers Coffee Shop in The Bronx, he met his wife to be, Marianna.