What is your 10 years Technology career plan

I wish I could recommend longer duration plan but unfortunately we are in technology business and are Architects so though we can have some plan, it definitely cannot be more than ~10 years. So let me ask you –

What is your 10 years technology career plan?

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The associate director goes further, suggesting applicants create a five and 10 year career plan and then see which classes, organizations and opportunities at McCombs specifically speak to that career plan. “We should not be left wondering why you, with your specific career goals, would want to come to McCombs. This is your opportunity to convey in no complex language why we are right for your career growth,” Reynolds advises.

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Don't get hung up on mapping out a five or 10 year career plan
produce a 5-10 year career plan showing how you will achieve your career goal

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It involves a number of steps and actions and it is always evolving